We are a multidisciplinary lab focused on creating and accelerating gastronomy based projects.

The people who make up Imago have been trained in fine dining with extensive experience in the industry, forming an interdisciplinary team and collaborating with great professionals in different areas of design, architecture, and development of gastronomic projects.

Llorenç Sagarra

Managing Partner

Trained at the Joviat School in Barcelona from 1996 to 2003. His early work experiences include restaurants in Barcelona, such as Neichel ** and other restaurants in France. In 2004 he joined the Mugaritz team working in different areas of the kitchen.

During his years at Mugaritz he ends up leading the team as head chef and R&D department until 2017. Outside Mugaritz, he has developed different projects linked to the hospitality industry, positioning them as gastronomic references at national and international level. The value that lies in Llorenç for his extensive experience in the field of conceptualizations and execution in gastronomic projects is the interpretation and adaptation to the client's concepts for a high positioning.

Throughout these 5 years he has developed more than 20 projects, both his own and for clients, positioning them as culinary references with high recognition in guides and gastronomic lists. His way of understanding the guild and the leadership he exercises over the teams, both in training and in vision about gastronomy, makes Llorenç an indispensable player in revaluing and improving any hospitality business.

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Laura Tejeda


Relentless seeker of experiences. Laura did her undergraduate studies in Advertising and Marketing at the University of Miami and completed a Master in Restaurant Innovation and Management at the Basque Culinary Center in 2021.

Of Chilean origin, she has lived in 7 countries, is fluent in 4 languages (English, Spanish, German, Portuguese). She has worked in restaurants in Melbourne, New York and San Sebastian, and has a unique gift for dealing with people, which has reinforced her global vision of the restaurant industry. Sensitive to current issues, she is passionate about hospitality, its people, latest trends, and sustainability. Focused on strategic management, Laura leads gastronomic consulting projects as well Imago’s own projects.

Her studies in marketing and management, together with her experience in hospitality make her a key player in the auditing process in the restaurant industry.

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Dani Lasa Echegoyen

Managing partner

A cook of gastronomic affairs. Specialist technician from the Escuela Superior de Cocina de San Sebastián. He trained in different gastronomic restaurants, and was part of the Mugaritz project between 1998 and 2018, leading the R&D department as head chef for 14 years.

He has developed food research projects, collaborations with different artistic fields such as music, painting, literature, and the creation of the first scientific journal of gastronomy and science acting as editor in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science (Elsevier publishing house).

He has promoted meetings and collaborations with universities, companies and technological centers, as well as given courses and conferences on creativity and innovation at the most important culinary congresses on the international scene and at numerous scientific culinary meetings. This experience has only increased his desire to generate and participate in projects that challenge the margins of gastronomy, always seeking to operate in the transformation of the culinary world.

Dani deploys a long-standing integral vision in the gastronomic projects developed by Imago. His extensive experience in the analysis and construction of gastronomic proposals with both business and social projection helps him to ground his natural tendency to dream.

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Marcos Rincón

Social Innovation Consultant

Where gastronomy meets people. Marcos graduated in Gastronomy & Management at Gasma, CEU Cardenal Herrera. His professional career began in fine dining cuisine. After a round of recognition, he understands gastronomy from a transdisciplinary vision from which to transform consumption habits, production policies, distribution logics and the paradoxes that generate so many inequalities in the food system.

Nowadays he does not cook, but he does not forget the effort, intensity and commitment that he used to practice before. He is responsible and a facilitator in different projects of social innovation from Imago. These works have been developed with ALC (Laboratory of social innovation) and UNDP (United Nations Development Program), among others.

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Leire Gonzalez


A gastronomic nomad. Leire came to Donosti from Navarra to study at the Luis Irizar Cooking School. During her two years of training, Leire developed a solid foundation in the kitchen. As she traveled and gained work experience in different restaurants, she also explored the world of the dining room. In 2022, after completing a master's degree in Gastronomic Communication and Journalism at the Basque Culinary Center, her vision in the field of gastronomy expanded significantly.

Leire values the importance of every aspect of the kitchen and the dining room, and has the ability to balance and optimize both to offer a relevant experience. 

Her sensitivity to aesthetics and visuals distinguishes her in a world where presentation and customer experiences are fundamental.

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