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The Beginning

Palacio Tondón is a hotel project in the heart of one of the most recognized wine regions in the world, La Rioja. In the Town of Briñas, the hotel requires complimenting its rooms with a varied gastronomic offering that covers the various moments and meals of the day.

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The Path

Imago develops the menus that cover the various services that Palacio Tondón should offer by studying the region and gastronomy of La Rioja, its products and its wines. Based on this research, menus for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, room services and picnic packages are developed. By doing this, the clients of the Palacio Tondón will be able to imagine a day amongst the vineyards and fertile lands of La Rioja without the worry of looking for improvised solutions in a region where there is still a great need for hotel services. The proposal integrates flavors, ingredients and recipes with their own personality.  From the gastronomic ideology of the region Imago creates an experience with values that put the client in tune with the identity of La Rioja.

The Solution

The result has different components. Tondón offers, on the one hand, a breakfast menu full of ingredients and elaborations from the area and a host of unique suppliers. On the other hand, a menu has been developed for the gastronomic space where original, tasty recipes with their own DNA are offered to satisfy the appetite of the customer who returns to the hotel hungry from a day full of experiences. Likewise, a wide offer is offered to develop events for MICE tourism (tourism for meetings, incentives, congresses and exhibitions) and VIP services.

The Conclusion

You eat...