Cuisine of Terroir



  • Gastronomic Consulting

The Beginning

When the challenge of designing the new phase of Origen restaurant came to us, we saw the opportunity that was presented; it was to be able to generate an offer based on the product in its own territory, and capture the seal of the Arturo Sanchez family. A company with more than a century of tradition, experience, and craftsmanship treasured after four generations elaborating Iberian pork products. A product that for us is one of the most exceptional references of Iberian ham in the world and how to translate all that knowledge in the Origin menu to transform these jewels into dishes. 

The Path

We have always sought for the essential. We try to find the path that brings us closer to ORIGEN, the best of a cuisine of the region. When we started with the idea of the new ORIGEN concept, we wanted to go back in time to rediscover our surroundings, our products and traditional cuisine. These are fundamental elements of identity for us, and which at the same time serve as a pillar for us to evolve and tell a gastronomic story, that of ORIGEN, created from the roots that give meaning to everything. 

The Solution

ORIGEN's cuisine is a cuisine of the region, with essential roots and the flavors. At ORIGEN Restaurant in Salamanca we offer a selection of dishes in which the Arturo Sánchez Iberian Cured Meats stand out. At ORIGEN we cook the best of the land and the sea so that you can discover it’s surroundings and beyond in each one of the mouthfuls that are proposed. 

The Conclusion

ORIGEN was born again with the simple idea of offering a cuisine with deep roots, which has its sights set on its surroundings. A cuisine that always chooses the best raw materials that come from the hands of those who take the best care of them, to be cooked with the fire of tradition, but with the help of new resources that provide the opportunity to continue evolving and growing. Walking with this project since 2021, we will continue to leave the imprint of tradition with the avant-garde so that everyone who comes to ORIGEN can enjoy an experience that conveys all these values.