Les Dangereux

A Gastronomic Revolution in Abu Dhabi


  • Gastronomic Consulting

A bold project that is redefining the culinary scene in Abu Dhabi. In this exciting challenge, we have conceptualized, developed and co-operated a gastronomic restaurant that breaks traditional barriers without compromising culinary authenticity.

Located in the cultural district of Abu Dhabi, Les Dangereux is more than a restaurant, it is a bold statement of the new gastronomic era in the region. Our goal was clear: to create a space that fuses fine dining with the authenticity of local ingredients. Despite climatic challenges, we embarked on a mission to highlight the products of small, local producers, charting a unique path in the process.

Our approach began with a deep dive into the local community. We explored markets, connected with producers and sampled the existing gastronomic offerings. This knowledge was essential for the creation of a modern concept, far from the conventions of haute cuisine. Les Dangereux presents itself as an experience that surprises and challenges, fusing innovative techniques with authentic and exciting flavors.

Operated by a passionate team who share our vision of challenging convention and raising standards, the experience is immersive and unique. This project is a celebration of culinary innovation and the determination to challenge established boundaries of fine dining. From conceptualization to operation, Les Dangereux stands as a beacon of change in Abu Dhabi's dining scene. After 6 months of opening, Les Dangereux has been awarded with Best Opening of the Year by the Abu Dhabi Michelin guide.