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Humo Pizza

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The Beginning

Humo is born out of admiration for cooking. We want to share what we like with people who enjoy simplicity at a table with friends. We like to experience the joy of a house where everyone enjoys; the young, the old, the sophisticated, the “uncomplicated” and the gourmets.

The Path

We have perfected the dough so that in 90 seconds at 450ºC they are browned, generating the traditional cornicione of Neapolitan pizza. In this way, its tasty aroma of freshly baked and toasted dough will be enhanced; the crust does not deceive. 48 hours of fermentation so that when massaging the dough with our fingers and hands, the silky dough spreads delicately, displacing the air to the edges. Once the ingredients are arranged on it and with a nimble gesture of the pizza peel, the pizzas are done in seconds. The crust is perfectly toasted, generating the characteristic Maillard spots around the perimeter and the aroma of the recipe will only increase the diner’s hunger.

The solution

In Humo, the oven is the only source of heat, so everything to be roasted, cooked, candied, boiled, toasted, and fried will have to go through it. This means that it governs the rhythms and elaborations of our home. We are constantly learning to get the best out of our heat cycles.

The conclusion

Regarding drinks, we offer some amazing beers and fantastic options of wines. Our vintner friends have helped us to create a drinks menu that can satisfy any whim of those who enjoy a drink at the table. Wines from the country, from young producers, white, red, rosé, and incredible low-alcohol drinks all come together to create a party at the table.