Marrying Tradition and Flavor in the Basque Country


  • Gastronomic Consulting

The Winery

Hiruzta is a Txakoli winery with a rich history that began in 2012. Since its opening, it has become a wine tourism reference in the Basque Country, with specialized importers in more than 20 countries who trust its wines.

The Rekalde family, owner of this winery, set us an exciting challenge: to develop a wine bar adjacent to the winery to complement the wine tourism experiences and offer visitors a unique gastronomic experience.

The Concept

In a setting as distinctive as Hiruzta, full of character and with the passion of the Rekalde family, we immersed ourselves in their culture and vision to define a culinary identity that would complement their exceptional selection of Txakolis and sparkling wines.

Our immersion in the Txakolindegi allowed us to discover a cuisine of closeness, familiarity and festivity that perfectly matched the wine bar space. To further align the experience, we drew a symbolic circle representing the network of local suppliers we work with, from anchovies from Getaria to artisanal txistorra from Navarra.

Winery Cuisine

The preparation process involved a joint effort by the Hiruzta and Imago teams, immersing ourselves intensely for two months to operate the wine bar almost autonomously throughout the summer season and beyond.

The result is a "cellar kitchen" that has significantly enhanced the service and experience available in this corner of hedonism. The wine bar offers a culinary experience that perfectly complements visits to the winery, with the possibility of enjoying guided tasting tours, food and wine experiences and "Discover HIRUZTA" tastings.