Eunice Hotel

Tradition and Vanguard


Gastronomic Concept Development

  • Gastronomic Consulting

From a 400 year old heritage home to a majestic gastronomic hotel, from the essence of Salamanca to a proposal that honors its roots. Imago has woven a culinary narrative that unites history with innovation. We have developed a gastronomic ideology that celebrates authenticity and the relationship with local suppliers.

EUNICE has evoked a symbolic transformation, where every corner of a historic past is brought to life through exceptional dining experiences. Imago has implemented a strategy that emphasizes collaboration with local producers, where each ingredient carries with it a history, a pedigree. 

EUNICE stands as a tribute to tradition and the avant-garde, paralleling how Imago honored uncompromising gastronomy while highlighting the importance of the names and surnames behind each ingredient. Here, each dish is a tribute to the charra cuisine and the richness of the region.

In short, EUNICE picks up the baton of tradition and creativity, carrying forward a project that resembles Imago's culinary philosophy. The values of authenticity, collaboration and excellence are intertwined in every dish, in every experience.