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The Beginning

Sometimes we would like to find drinks that continue to surprise us because they have a rich sensory profile and because they fill a need that we may not have anticipated. When we want to try a new drink in a hedonic context, it is difficult for us to imagine that it doesn’t have some level of alcohol content. We have created Ama Brewery, a brand that brews beverages for the gourmet consumer: Ama Pét-Nat Tea. This is a fine-aged, lightly sparkling drink, with a low alcohol content and wide sensory expression, made from the fermentation of herbal infusions and teas.

The Path

In recent years, haute cuisine is experiencing an effervescence around everything fermented. Processes that trigger foods with health properties and foods that develop an extraordinary range of flavors. If the past has gifted us with fermented products such as coffee, chocolate, bread, wine, beer, cider, cheese, or yogurts, in the present western culture is discovering elaborations of eastern, ancestral origin that were previously unknown to us. 

From the east comes kimchi, sauerkraut (more continental), kefir, miso, soy, and many many others. Among them, kombucha is reaching a significant introductory level, mainly due to its health properties. However, this drink also adds another great potential; Through it, a whole range of sophisticated drinks can be developed with great complexity in the mouth and hardly any alcoholic content, which makes them perfect for their use by the bottle or pairing in restaurants.

The solution

Ama Brewery breaks the mold in the world of fermented products. With its pét-nat teas, it expands the possibilities of subjecting tea infusions to transformation and aging processes to promote stimulating experiences at the table with innovative drinks that stand out for their flavor and personality. Inspired by wines such as ancestral or pétillant naturel, its varietals achieve characteristics comparable to champagne or other sparkling wines (hence the appellation pét-nat tea).

The conclusion

Ama appeals to sensitive, curious consumers who are eager to experiment, with varietals with a wide sensory range. Fine bubbles, subtle tannins, and balanced acidity;  aromas as seductive as the teas and herbs that are infused, in addition to the notes provided by the fermentation and aging itself. Low alcohol content, slight effervescence, and stimulating organoleptic expression. Breadth of Flavor: Deliciously complex and seductive. Generous, fresh, and citrus nose. Dry on the palate, with sharp acidity, gentle astringency, and stimulating bitterness.